Capital Readiness Program

The Minority Business Development Agency’s Capital Readiness Program (CRP) is a FREE technical assistance program aimed at helping minority and other underserved entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses.

The program is funded by the Department of Treasury’s State and Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) and was reauthorized under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The CRP provides funding to incubators and accelerators across the country, with expertise to assist and train minority and other underserved entrepreneurs seeking resource tools and technical assistance to start or scale their businesses in high-growth industries such as healthcare, climate resilient technology, asset management, infrastructure, and more.

Mississippi Access To Capital  Program Benefits

  • Businesses will have the opportunity to unlock expertise from expert advisors, practical resources, networking events, educational seminars, and workshops to become capital ready.
  • Businesses that complete the Mississippi Access To Capital For Us Too Program can expect to emerge with  more comprehensive understanding on how to build a sustainable business that generates.
  • Businesses will walk away with defined or refined business strategies, marketing plans, and operational efficiency to make informed decisions to elevate their business to next level.

The iMACK Small Business Center

Ease. Quality. Customer Service. Relatable.

Mississippi Access to Capital and Knowledge

Ever used a place that couldn’t help you but wouldn’t tell you. That’s not us. At the iMACK, we tell you, you would do better getting help from that organization. Then we try to get you in their door versus just sending you off.

Ever feel small when working with some organizations. At the iMACK, we’ve been there. We know how some with knowledge try to make you feel small when they have info you don’t. Well at the iMACK, sharing info is part of our mission. In fact, that’s why we’re called iMACK, the access to capital and KNOWLEDGE Center.

The path to entrepreneurship can be a lonely path. People think your idea is crazy. Let’s get you with some folks like you. See other owners of small businesses, sometimes struggling, but enjoying the pride they feel every time they make a sale. Network with folks across Mississippi, from all walks of life who consider themselves part of the iMACK Small
Business Center Family. Network virtually or in person.

The IMACK Business Resource Center Directory

Identifying Business Resources in Your Community or Nearby

We’ve worked to pull together all the resources from across the state, presenting them to you in an easy format. Admittedly, we may have missed a few, but we think we’ve captured most of them. So, search by industry, service/geographic area, or service type. Tell us which ones you’re interested in and we’ll reach out to them. Let us be your representative. Saves you time. And, as you know, in business – Time is Money!

Walk out the door with tangible results, like:

Skeletal Business Plan Components

Website Landing Page

Next Steps for Your Business Growth Plan

Credit Profiles

Workforce Opportunities



The great divider often is knowledge.

Let iMACK help you close the knowledge gap.

Located at 720 Roseneath St, Jackson, MS


An annual trend bringing growth and profitability percentages of Mississippi socially and economically disadvantaged businesses (SEDIs) closer to that of non-SEDIs.


To grow and make profitable, socially disadvantaged businesses, by expanding their business knowledge, building their networks, accessing capital, and promoting multi-generational ownership.

Access to Capital

Annually expose SEDIs to business resources, contracting and grant opportunities, financial capital, and upskilling or promotional opportunities.

Building Capacity

Grow SEDI’s exposure to entrepreneurial tools, recognizing the communities they serve, they live in, and come from, or provide products, while helping them learn methods to increase their wealth in Central, Northeast and Southern Mississippi.

Access to Networks

Annually expose SEDIs to virtual or in-person networking opportunities.

Intergenerational Knowledge

Annually exposing youth to entrepreneurship, financing, life skills and positive work ethic.


Setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company.

Center for Social Entrepreneurship

SCA’s non-profit partner will provide the following programs


10-Weeks Entrepreneurs Course: iPATH Business Bootcamp

An interactive workshop designed specifically for new entrepreneurs to build and create the essential tools to operate a thriving business. The master classes are intentionally small and led by experienced entrepreneurs and industry leaders who guide each owner with success strategies and tackle issues.

iPATH Bootcamp

Course Details

E-STEAM Summer Camp


The one-month interactive and exploratory E-STEAM Summer Camp is a transformative experience that ignites the entrepreneurial spirit in middle school youth. Through hands-on activities and engaging lessons, participants learn the fundamentals of finance and business creation. the camp will culminate with an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their innovative products to the community.

Capital Readiness Team

Nicole McNamee

Program Director/ Operator iMACK Center

Dr. Kimberly Hilliard

CEO & President of Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Raquel Scott

Project Specialist

Bridget Townsend

Project Specialist